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Where is the love?

Posted: 13 September 2008 | posted by David J. Loehr |

Just enjoyed the opening of tonight's SNL. Let's face it, there would have been chaos in the streets if Tina Fey hadn't appeared as Sarah Palin. (For the record, she nailed it and stuck the landing.) Bear in mind, she not only stars in her own series, she's the head writer of it, too. Fortunately, Lorne Michaels produces both shows, and they're both on NBC. Synergy is a wonderful thing.

That's why I found it odd that, given this golden opportunity to promote her under-promoted (and again Emmy-winning) show to a presumably good-sized audience--which would not only have been a nice gesture of thanks but would have an upside for the network--they instead led right into a promo for a movie, then a pitch for the new-to-DVD most-recent season of Smallville, a show on another, smaller, struggling network. A show that runs on Thursday nights. Which is when Tina's show runs.

I know. It's the NBC marketing team. Why do I even bother?