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Chuck Vs. The Poor Development Slate

Posted: 09 April 2009 | posted by David J. Loehr |

Or "Vs. the Silverman" might be more appropriate.

What with the series Chuck facing an uncertain future, I've made a few avatars, badges, what have you, for use on Twitter, Facebook or the social network of your choice.

Save Chuck!

More images after the jump...

I made these at the suggestion of Mo Ryan, who knows some of my design work and suspected I was a fan of the show. I'm very much a fan--I can't think of another current show that hits as many of my mental tickle spots with the possible exception of 30 Rock. And this has secret agents.

Here are a few more avatars to choose from. Feel free to use them to show your support for Chuck. Just right click on the image, select "save image as..." and you're good to go. Some are better in the larger format, but all should work within Twitter et al. And I'll be adding to this collection as the month goes on, so check back if you have avatar ennui...

Save Chuck!
Save Chuck!
Save Chuck!
Save Chuck!
Save Chuck!
Save Chuck!

Here's one last one, in honor of Mo's beloved Saul Tigh avatar, which has been temporarily displaced.

Save Chuck!

And here's a question for the tv types out there. Is there some unspoken covenant that every thirty years, a man named Silverman will rise to drive NBC into the ground? I'm just wondering...


  1. Miche77eR said...
  2. Can I share these on

  3. superbossy said...
  4. SAVE CHUCK GO VOTE(only got to May 1)

  5. Janet B said...
  6. I know how to save the graphics. But I don't understand how to post them on Twitter or Facebook. Could you let us know? Thanks.

  7. Miche77eR said...
  8. Hey Janet, right click and save the image to your computer, then on twitter go to settings, and design, and upload the image from your computer :)

  9. Janet B said...
  10. That was fast! Thanks!

  11. Miche77eR said...
  12. Thats how I roll ;)