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Posted: 16 March 2007 | posted by David J. Loehr |

Carol Burnett Sues Fox Over 'Family Guy' Portrayal

Far be it from me to defend Family Guy, but as a writer, a parodist and the husband of a librarian, I have to say the law is on the show's side. After all, couldn't Vivien Leigh have sued over Carol's portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara? Or DC Comics over Harvey Korman as Superman? Think back on all the popular icons they parodied and mocked over the years on Carol's show. I don't see how this is different. It was crass and puerile, it wasn't very good, it was more insulting than anything--it's Family Guy, that should all go without saying--but it still ought to be protected as parody.

Now if she wanted to get a class action lawsuit going about bad writing, I'd be right there with her. Unfortunately, there are too many targets for that...