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On the shelf

Posted: 16 March 2007 | posted by David J. Loehr |

Since it's been so long since I wrote about television on any kind of regular basis, I thought I'd post the short list of dvd's sitting on my shelf. You might see a common thread. If so, tell me, because it seems pretty eclectic to me.

In no particular order:

The Wire
Slings and Arrows
Homicide: Life on the Street
Arrested Development
'Allo, 'Allo
The Bob Newhart Show
The Job
Good Eats
Star Trek (Classic)
The Electric Company
Fosters' Home for Imaginary Friends
Batman: The Animated Series
Barney Miller
The Office
Jeeves and Wooster
Mission: Impossible

It's by no means a complete list of favorite things--I still don't have The Prisoner, for one--but it's a good representation. Yes, we have Futurama, and no, I don't plan on buying The Simpsons if only because the dvd sets would overrun the house by the time they're done.

And 30 Rock isn't out on dvd yet. But it's on the iPod as I type.

And yes, we do have kids running around, but I didn't count their dvd's. (Hey, I like Fosters' and my wife and I both grew up on The Electric Company.)

Because if there is a common thread, I'm pretty sure The Wiggles would throw everything off.