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Comedy checks in, but it won't check out...

Posted: 22 September 2008 | posted by David J. Loehr |

Granted, today is officially the beginning of the fall season, and hardly anything has premiered. I haven't seen much of anything--and much of what I have seen has made me pray for hysterical blindness. (I'm looking at you, Knight Rider. Wait, no, I'm not...) So it's probably unfair to have a pick for the dead pool...

Then again, Do Not Disturb has been on twice, it's gotten abysmal ratings that, if I'm not mistaken, went down, and now, the creators have--presumably with tongue in cheek--sent a letter to TV critics to apologize "for being the perpetrators of such bad television." I'm sure FOX loved that approach.

I'm sorry, if you're really that aware of what you're doing, then why are you doing it? There are good writers out here who could use some work.

So there it is. If Do Not Disturb isn't the first show cancelled this year, I'll eat my hat. Or drink its milkshake. Or go write something.


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. It's already been cancelled.