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One more thing...

Posted: 26 September 2008 | posted by David J. Loehr |

Busy week, but before I forget...

-- The Office is back, it finally got another hour-long episode just right and all is right with the world.

-- I'm already suffering Burn Notice withdrawal on top of my Middleman withdrawal.

-- My boys are deliriously in love with Pucca. Thank you, Tim Goodman.

-- I'm still having delayed stress flashbacks to Josh Groban at the Emmys. Please, make it stop.

-- Looks like I get to drink a milkshake after all.

-- Went to see Teller talking about the Science and Wonder of Magic this morning at the Idea Festival in Louisville this morning. As he put it, "What you read on the website and in the programs? A thin tissue of lies." A good opening line, if not quite true. An excellent talk with insight not just into magic but creativity and ideas itself through the evolution of a magic trick. (Yes, I know how to do it, and no, we promised not to say how.)

-- You know what might have been funny? If Groban's medley had included his impression of a test pattern. (I'm assuming the medley was supposed to be funny. It was, wasn't it?)

-- On second thought, forget the milkshake. It probably doesn't taste very good, all things considered...