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Hey, moose. How you doing?

Posted: 20 October 2008 | posted by David J. Loehr |

I have to say, as a fan of the inexplicably funny Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals sketch from the other week, I did enjoy the follow-up cameo this past weekend, mixed in with all the Sarah Palin stuff.

But. The actual payoff fizzled, I thought, partly because they didn't follow the old "comedy rule of threes." Maybe I'm crazy but they could have put a nice button on everything--and tied it all together even more--after the rap number...

After the jump, see what more they could have done.

One more quick bit with the moose and Mark backstage a few minutes later. "Hey, moose. How you doing? I saw you got shot during the news sketch. I'm in 'Max Payne,' opens this weekend. Say hi to your mother for me." Even better, the moose could point out that he's not an animal. Or even that it was Andy Samberg inside. "Yeah, I know you're in there. But just remember, I'm going to be watching you." They could have gone in any number of directions with it.

That would have pulled everything together, it would leave the subliminal message to keep watching the entire episode each week--or even to keep watching past November 4th--because you never know what's going to happen, and it reinforces the movie he's there to promote--hey, moose, I play a guy with a gun. Best of all, like that last sentence, it keeps to the rule of threes.

Surely, that would have been funnier than either of the conference room sketches, about which the less said, the better.